Completion of PepsiCo contract integration

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce that on April 1 we completed a six-month phase of operations integration within the PepsiCo business, which expanded our portfolio in Siberia.

The integration included the following steps:


  • Launch of the 3PL site in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk Region from 1.10.2022.
  • Launch of 3PD site in Kansk from 1.11.2022.
  • Launch of 3PL site in Irkutsk from 1.03.2023.
  • Launch of 3PL site in Ulan-Ude from 1.04.2023


As a result of the launches, the PepsiCo Sales team welcomed more than 100 new employees. Our coverage in the traditional trade channel expanded by more than 5 thousand outlets.


This is only the beginning of the journey, our goal is to become a reliable strategic partner for PepsiCo, to improve the quality of operations, to grow coverage and sales, to develop business in other territories.


We welcome our new employees and wish them success in further development of the new business for the company!